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COmmission Info


Standard Rate: $16.99 per hour

Discounts & Express Delivery

If you wanted to order a lot of songs, but think it'd cost too much, ask us about our payment plans.


Charts with additional instruments will have an 7% discount applied per instrument, up to 21% off.

Each additional song within the same order will apply a stacking 4% discount per song. 

(Example: 4% off the second song; 8% off the third song; 12% off the fourth song.)

Take a look at our Discount Sheet to see if a series you like is discounted.

Discounts stack when possible, up to 40% off per chart.

Express delivery options are also available:

Tier 1 - $20 per chart - One chart will be placed at the front of the waiting list once payment is confirmed.

Tier 2 - $40 per chart - One chart will be delivered within 24 hours once payment is confirmed.

Commission Discount Menu

We've taken the time to organize a comprehensive list of almost 1500 songs from dozens of series
Most of these songs have yet to be charted, and we'd greatly appreciate your support in changing that.

Every song on the list comes with a discount ranging from 5% to 20% off.

Most entries come with a link to listen to the song. Think of this as a restaurant's menu. If you want to order something you're familiar with, great. If you find something new on the menu that you end up wanting to try, even better. If you want something that's not on the menu, we'll still take gladly take your order.

A 10% discount will be applied to songs from shows that are currently airing, or shows that aired in the previous anime season.

(Current discounted seasons will be displayed near the start of the list.)

All discounts still stack when able.

Here are just a few series on the menu:

  • Attack on Titan​

  • Fate Series

  • Food Wars

  • Higurashi

  • Hololive

  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

  • K-ON!

  • Love Live!

  • My Hero Academia

  • Monogatari

  • Psycho-Pass

  • RWBY

  • Sword Art Online

  • Yuru Camp

Take a look: Discount Menu

Additional Info

Static backgrounds and lyrics are included by default, and video backgrounds are included too when possible.

If you want to add an instrument to a chart we've already completed (including drums), the additional instrument discount will still apply. If you want to add lyrics to an existing chart for any reason, we're open to that as well.

Final price estimates will be provided before your order is finalized.

There is generally an limit of four songs per order, or one album within reason.
Multiple orders may be placed. Ask us about our payment plans if you wish to order a lot.

A minimum down payment of 50% of the price estimate is due after your order is finalized. The remainder of the price is paid before delivery. (Final price may be slightly more than or less than the estimate.)

All transactions must take place over PayPal or Venmo, and all prices are in USD.

Charter holds the right to decline commissions for any reason before the first payment.

Charter holds the right to use any commissioned charts as they see fit upon completion.

Failure to comply with any mentioned rules, or failure to comply with any agreed final payments, will result in being blacklisted from future chart commissions from all verified charters.

If you're interested or have any questions, reach out to us using our Contact Us page.

Full Discount List

Commission Status

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