COmmission Info

Commission Status - OPEN

General Guidelines

  • All negotiations and conversations must take place in Discord DM's

  • A minimum down payment of 50% of the commission price is required up front

  • All transactions must take place over PayPal

  • All prices mentioned are in USD

  • Charter holds the right to decline commissions at any time before the first payment

  • Charter holds the right to use any commissioned charts as they see fit upon completion

  • You may share the chart, but may not release the chart as your own work

  • Failure to comply with these rules or with any agreed payment arrangements will result in being blacklisted from future chart commissions

Commission Process

  • DM NSG Parzival (NSG Parzival#3768)

    • Please be prepared with the song name, artist, length

    • Charter will listen to the song and accept/decline the commission

    • You will be placed on a waitlist following acceptance

  • Fill out the order form (Link will be sent prior to charting process)

    • Check any services you wish to be included in your request

    • Charter will confirm the order and price prior to starting the charting process

  • Payment

    • Payment will be processed once your order is next on the waitlist 

    • Changes cannot be made after payment is processed

    • After order confirmation, you will have 24 hours to transfer 50% of the final price to the charter via PayPal. The option to pay in full is also available.

    • Charting will begin within 24 hours after payment is received

  • Delivery 

    • If not paid in full, you will receive a preview video showcasing the final chart

    • The final 50% of price is required prior to delivery if not paid in full

    • Expect a wait time of up to one week per chart requested

Menu A-la-carte

  • Single Difficulty Chart (<5 minutes) - $25

    • All basics included: HQ Audio, Beatmapping, Star Power, Practice Sections

      • +$$ Charge to purchase audio if no other option is available

      • +$5 Charge for every minute over 5 minutes

      • +$5 Multi Solo Charge

  • Lyrics - +$10.00

  • Each Additional Instrument - +$10

  • Each Additional Difficulty - +$5

  • Background Video - +$3

Express Delivery Option

  • Tier 1 - +$30 per chart - Your chart will be placed at the front of the waiting list once payment is confirmed

  • Tier 2 - +$80 per chart - Your chart will be delivered within 2-3 days once payment is confirmed